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Do’s and don’ts of getting hearing aids

December 20, 2018

Do’s 1. Do speak with a hearing professional about situations you want to hear and communicate in better. 2. Do bring a third party or significant other with you to the appointment. 3. Do ask about follow-up care plans and what to expect from your new hearing aids. 4. Do be honest with your hearing professional about where and when you struggle to hear and understand. 5. Do ask about payment plans if cost ...

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Do’s and don’ts of communicating in a busy environment

December 11, 2018

Do’s 1. Do look at the people you are speaking with. We all use visual cues whether we realize it or not. 2. Do try to situate yourself in good lighting to see everyone’s face. 3. Do sit close to the people you want to talk to. 4. Do use accessories like your remote microphone to help you hear more clearly. 5. Do remember listening in a busy environment can make everyone tired ...

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